Rattle & Reward Dog Tin

Rattle & Reward Treats Tin · 30g

Grain Free
Delicious grainfree, natural dog treats - in a ... Learn More
Rattle & Reward Dog Tin
Single Tin £2.50
Rattle & Reward Dog Tin £2.50
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About Rattle & Reward Dog Tin

Delicious grainfree, natural dog treats - in a handy pocket tin.

Case x8 tins.


A complimentary pet food for dogs over 12 weeks old
Feed as an occasional treat or reward
Always ensure drinking water is available
Store in a cool, dry place

Customer Reviews

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Doggie delights

Dogs absolutely love these treats over everything else we’ve tried including smelly sausage. Tin is an added benefit as the rattle works as a signal and distracts the dogs from whatever has got their attention, except if it’s a cat, but that is getting better.
Definitely recommended and our go to doggie treats.

Julia Longstaff

Absolutely delighted with my first order

My dog loves these

I have a tin of these in every jacket pocket, just give it a shake and my dog comes running, she loves the taste of these. The only one thing is that I have difficulty opening it due to pain in joints and then she looses interest if I take too long (especially if you have cold hands) so I would hope that one day it would be easier to open.

Fantasic Training Aid

I bought these as they were Hypo-Allergenic and my Lab cross puppy has skin allergies. At first I was a little disappointed they were so small but actually they are great for training as she doesn't get too many treats or too full up. They must also taste good because as soon as she hears the tin rattle she's very eager to practise her sits and lie downs!